What if relationship violence no longer existed?

We believe that prevention is possible through the promotion of healthy behavior that inclusively protects the rights of all individuals.

Together, we can create communities where safety, respect, and equality thrive. The first step is recognizing that we all play a part in promoting safe, healthy, and respectful relationships, and supporting the right of everyone to live without fear, oppression, and violence. From small acts of kindness and respect to challenging harmful attitudes, beliefs, and accepted behaviors around gender, power, and violence, we can take steps toward a violence-free future.

Healthy Relationships

For information on understanding healthy, unhealthy, or abusive relationships, we encourage you to explore these resources:

Schools & Organizations

To learn more about creating safe and supportive spaces within your school or organization, explore our Community Resources.

Prevention Programs

To connect with relationship violence prevention programs in Delaware, we encourage you to visit one of our partner organizations:

New Castle County

CHILD, Inc. works to engage youth as leaders of their community, provide professional development training, and encourage school involvement in an attempt to deliver a holistic approach to violence prevention and the promotion of violence-free communities. The specialized programming aims to prevent teen dating violence by addressing cultural norms that allow it to exist. To schedule a presentation on teen dating violence prevention for your school or community center, please contact Child, Inc.’s Safe and Respectful Coordinator at 302-762-8989. Free counseling groups are also available for teens who have been involved in unhealthy dating relationships and have exhibited aggressive behavior.

Kent and Sussex Counties

Real Relationships at People's Place promotes relationships of respect and equality with teens in Delaware.

REAL Relationships, a program of Turning Point at People’s Place, seeks to engage youth to make changes in their local communities and schools to help promote relationships that are full of respect, equality, acceptance, and love. They believe that no one should have to endure an abusive or unhealthy relationship, and that teen dating violence and intimate partner violence are preventable!

For more information on teen dating violence prevention or to schedule presentations or workshops, visit the REAL Relationships website.

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Find Help Now

All relationships have their ups and downs. But, we all deserve to be respected and feel safe. If you need someone to talk to, find hotlines and services here.

Helping Others

Are you a teacher, parent, coach, counselor or other caring adult looking to help a teen in your life? Explore our list of resources and materials.

Need more info?

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